4 Helpful Apps for Investors and Traders

von Andrew McGuinness     Aug. 16, 2019

Technology has evolved so far that you can now do all your trading and investing from the comfort or a laptop or smartphone from wherever you want to be in the world as long as you have access to the internet. There are plenty of apps that are useful in helping you make the right investing decisions. Some provide you the most important information you need to know about the markets, some will help expedite the trading process while some can manage your entire portfolio for you. Trading platforms are normally part of everyone’s trading 101, but apps generally aren’t so let’s have a look at 4 apps you should consider using to step up your finance game.

1) The standard iOS stocks app

If you’re an Apple user, you’re in luck – iPhones, iPads and Macbooks come with a surprisingly good application for tracking stocks. The app can be customized to keep track of whole indices or single stocks throughout the day.

The app is not ideal for fast decision making, nor should anyone be really using it for analysis, but it’s a great way to keep an eye on a trend while you’re out and about or having lunch away from your desk. Trading 101 is all about being on top of the markets. One frequent mistake that investors make is to not take those few minutes each hour to have a peek at how a particular stock or index is performing – this is a how a small loss can spiral out of control and completely crash if someone wasn’t paying attention to the stock market trend.

2) eTrade

eTrade is an app that can manage all of your trades for you for an affordable price. It’s ideal for using while you’re on the go. It combines all of the tools you need right there on your phone to make decisions and even some analysis of stocks to make the right call. It’s also jampacked with other nice luxury features that aren’t really necessary but nice to have for the occasional use.

3) StocksToTrade.com

StocksToTrade is an app that scans stocks and helps you examine stock and index charts. It uses big and complex data but is designed in a way that even someone with minimal finance knowledge can make of easily enough. It’s also an ideal tool that can be used for students looking to get started in trading. The developers claim it’s powerful enough to be used in a hedge fund or by investment bankers, which we’re inclined to agree with.

The app comes with a very useful feature that allows traders to filter and then sort stocks based on whatever characteristics you’re looking for. You can use this to check share prices from lowest to highest in a certain market cap range. It also comes with some pre-built filters and scanners to make investing a breeze.

4) Entrepreneur.com

Entrepreneur.com is not a traditional trading app like the other three we’ve discussed. Instead it provides something equally valuable – information and insight. There are dozens of new articles every day discussing the latest developments in financial markets or industries. It’s a great way to keep up with the startup industry too, which is always a breeding ground for high potential investments. There are some great opinion pieces by industry experts and leaders which often can tip you off on a subject or industry to read up on which can lead to some great investments. It’s also a place to keep updated with the latest blockchain and cryptocurrency news, which are making waves in the industry, without being too specialized or technical.

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