What Are Market Speculators?

by Andrew McGuinness     Jul 16, 2019

If you are new to the field of investing and would like a short overview of the basics you should know about as an investor of any kind, something you should particularly remain aware of are market speculators.

Market speculators predict the direction of the market according to past patterns and sudden drastic changes that may occur to a stock. These are significant people to consider in trading and becoming knowledgeable in terms of their engagement with the market is an essential part of trading 101. The following is a summary of what market speculators are, what they do, and the effect they have on the market.

1. What do market speculators do?

A brief overview of what market speculators actually do consist of making risky predictions and following through with them, which leads to taking some of the biggest risks on the market. Market speculators are only considered market speculators if they go against the grain, and swim against the current. This is the reason why they are considered speculators and not normal investors, they take the biggest risks by going against what the market’s patterns would deem predictable.

Rather, market speculators attempt to predict shifts that are out of the ordinary. If these predictions do happen to have some sense to them, and end up coming true, their high risks result in the highest of returns.

2. Less manipulation

Some market speculators aim to manipulate the market and the investors found within it. They do so by being the primary speculators represented in the market and therefore the main influence that investors have available to them.

For this reason, a more widely expansive variety of market speculations would be advantageous to the market in that manipulation would be less possible and less likely. The more speculations that appear on the market, the greater the variety of influences will be. The more variety of influences, the more likely it is that market manipulation will be successfully avoided.

3. Risk outcomes

Many investors will be jealous of the high returns that market speculators enjoy, often reaching six figures. However, what should be kept in mind is that the same risk that has allowed some market speculators to reach returns of these heights could have easily caused them much greater losses. Every market speculator that happens to hit it big and become a great success represents several of their colleagues that have tried to reach the same heights and failed.

The biggest benefit investors stand to gain from market speculators is the fact that by taking these extreme risks, they are balancing the profits and risks of the market for those making investments. For this reason, investors should be grateful that market speculators exist and take these high-level risks so that they don’t have to. Market speculators pursue such risky speculations because they are financially capable of doing so, unlike the average investor.


Market speculators take some of the most extreme risks possible within the market. This is because, as speculators, they aim to predict the most unpredictable changes in the market’s direction. The more speculations made within the market, the less likely it is for the market and its stock holders to become manipulated by speculators. One of the greatest benefits of market speculation is the fact that it protects traders from risks they are not capable of facing. Speculators are not only financially able to take these risks, but they balance the market for those that form a part of it.

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