What We Do at Tradepedia

Our subscription services (trading training, personal support, mentoring and proprietary trading tools) help(s) Private Investors, Financial Services Companies and Brokerage Houses (people just like you), the novice and the experienced trade who want to trade successfully by (-) reducing stress, avoiding uncertainty, reducing fear and (+) increasing profit returns, increasing discipline and consistency, enabling flow state and relaxed alertness.

There are thousands of trade professionals in the worldwide economy of trading market community and all of them in one way or another striving to be successful. We know from our own experience and 20 years of observation that a significant percentage of these people would fail. Despite their best efforts, they won’t be able to make enough money to support their families. They will become frustrated, burn out and eventually just quit the trade industry altogether. You may be struggling with these issues right now.

But there is an answer to this dilemma, and you will find it in a unique combination of three common words: High Trust Trading. What does it mean? If you are clearly interested in growing into a more effective trade professional and you are careful to apply, with our support, the concepts of what we teach about trading, use our proprietary tools, your trading business will do more than merely improve! We can say this with a high degree of certainty because we’ve not only implemented High Trust Trading in our career with great success.


To deliver learning, coaching and mentoring programs “How to Trade Effectively, Consistently and Profitably”, for Financial Services Companies, Brokerage Houses and Private Investors, from part-time newcomers/novices all the way to experienced full-time traders, by providing a series of thoughtfully designed step by step learning modules, methodologies and tools, face to face and over the Internet.

Have more discipline
Trade with minimum stress
Learn to profit from trading
Cope with uncertainty
Be in the now or flow state, positive emotions
Tune your trading with a mentor
Improve profit returns
Increase financial security and freedom
Save money
Maximise profit and return of investment