5 Most Profitable ICOs You Already Missed

by Andrew McGuinness     Jul 16, 2019

As is the usual case with digital coins, ICOs eventually see tremendous growth after being introduced to exchange platforms on the internet. While not all ICOs have followed suit, there are some memorable moments in ICO history that surged in performance never before seen in the crypto market:

1. Ethereum

With a 152,500% percent ROI, Ethereum is readily one of the most noteworthy coins in the crypto market. Ethereum is an open-source platform that allows creators to upload decentralized applications called DApps, which will then be purchased by investors using their own coin, Ether.

This platform has become popular for numerous industries with their potential to improve business processes. Ether’s ICO was at $0.311. During its launch, the Ethereum project sold 11.9 million ether coins, raising up to $16 million.


With a 332,500% ROI, IOTA marks itself as one of the most profitable digital coins of all time. The digital coin called IOTA is probably the only popular crypto coin up to date that does not utilize the full package of blockchain technology to process exchanges.

IOTA uses another system called Tangle, which allows users to go past transaction fees and scalability limits faced by users of Bitcoin and Litecoin. The IOTA is a fully decentralized system and requires transaction fee at all.

Its initial offering was at $0.001 during its launch in December 2015. The company sold all one billion IOTA tokens during the ICO as well.

3. NXT

At a whopping 1,477,000%, the NXT coin is the highest performing digital coin of all time since its ICO. Project NXT is one of the oldest purveyors of blockchain technology in the market, released in 2013 by an unknown developer when the technology was still unpopular.

The ICO in 2013 raised around $16,800 in Bitcoins and allowed its developers to create and refine the blockchain platform. NXT was initially priced at $0.0000168 in September 2013 and has since been regarded as one of the best performing coins in the history of cryptocurrencies. Eventually, they released a proof-of-stake consensus to facilitate the company’s coin, aptly named NXT.

NXT is a blockchain platform for smart apps and financial services, and has since evolved into all sorts of things: from messaging platforms to a full-scale resource area for businesses big and small.

4. Stratis

At 81,000% ROI, Stratis holds the record as one of the most impressive digital coins in history. Stratis’ selling point is its ability to let companies create their own blockchain applications from scratch using the Stratis network as its foundational blockchain server.

While recently new, its launch in 2016 has seen an incredible amount of patronage to business owners, raising up to $600,000 in its ICO. Stratis’ coin, also known as STRAT was initially sold at $0.007 per token.

5. NEO or AntShares

With a 114,000% ROI, NEO has become one of the best performing digital coins from a non-Western company. Formerly AntShares, NEO is developed by a Chinese blockchain company. Its goal is similar to Ethereum and Stratis where NEO’s creators envision a platform that fuse digital assets and smart contracts.

Its ICO in 2015 was an incredible success. The company sold millions of tokens during their launch, raising up to $550,000. The coins launched at $0.032 during its ICO, then trading under the ticket ANS.

The company eventually rebranded itself and the relaunch proved no less popular. There was a second offering under the new ticket NEO, where the company raised up to $4.5 million for 22.5 million NEO tokens.

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