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Avramis Swing Home Study Course

by Instructor
Tradepedia Ltd

Course Information

  • ENROLLED 14 students

  • DURATION 8 hrs

  • LEVEL Intermediate

€ 1,000

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Get into the markets quickly and easily through Avramis Swing Home Study Course. After 20 years as a trader and an educator of the financial markets, Tradepedia Founder and CEO, Avramis Despotis, has refined his knowledge into the Avramis Swing Home Study Course, tailored for students who wish to learn under their own environment rather than in a structured classroom. This innovative e-learning mode is designed to overcome any time or geographical constraints. A comprehensive program designed to give you a solid understanding on how to build effective trading strategies, stick to your money management plans and truly discount the behavior of the financial markets.

Focusing on technical analysis, behavioral finance, and money management, this efficient program will train you on how to objectively analyze financial securities and implement ideal trading strategies by scanning various trading opportunities and setups in different markets. The methodology at the heels of this trading system is based on price action, candle stick analysis, and derived from a combination of classical technical analysis theories such as, Dow Theory, Elliott Theory, and Gann Theory.

Each of the eight chapters constituting this unique program naturally flows into the next with the aim of providing traders with the tools, knowledge and experience that will guarantee consistent successful trading. Every chapter consists of an interpretive video describing the theory of the topic at hand followed by extensive real market examples to help participants experience a practical learning approach rather than a theoretical one. Full-scale assignments are also incorporated within each section to allow for self-testing and ensure the readiness of the trader to progress into the next chapter. Over and above that, students will be equipped with our unprecedented algorithmic proprietary tool, the AVRAMIS SWING INDICATOR. By the end of every chapter, a feature of this state-of-the-art tool will be unlocked so it can help with the validation of the manual analysis performed and ensure the understanding of the material being explained. Once you have a solid understanding of the whole trading system, the AVRAMIS SWING INDICATOR can be used to conduct all the hard work. The market analysis and prediction will be automated giving you more time for real trading rather than analyzing.

What you get

Objectively defining the correct tops and bottoms making it easy to identify key reversal points

How to recognize the general trend direction & identify the reversal from one direction to the other

The notion of timeframes and their interconnection in a well-defined approach

Use more technical tools & assess various aspects of the trend steepness, price direction & momentum

How to identify high-grade trading entry strategies

identify important support & resistance levels & use areas around them to set our exit strategies

Course Curriculum


Gives you a solid start to your trading journey. In this chapter, we will go through the conditions for objectively defining the correct tops and bottoms, which are the foundations of what the rest of our price action pattern recognition method will be built on.


By following trends over different time frames and staying away from markets when they are not trending, traders can increase their profit-making opportunities. In this chapter, we will learn how to recognize the general trend direction and identify the reversal from one direction to the other.


Traders often feel confused when they look at charts in different timeframes and see that the market is going in several directions at once. Although the trend may be up on the daily chart but down on the weekly, or vice versa, this chapter highlights the notion of timeframes and their interconnection in a well-defined approach.


Because not all trends are born equal, in this chapter we will use more technical tools and assess various aspects of the trend steepness, price direction and momentum overflow to evaluate the overall quality of the trend.


By putting to work your understanding of the relationship between time frames and by combining the price trends and waves of the market, you will learn in this chapter how identify high-grade trading entry strategies. Identifying the correct entry points and the defensive stop loss levels have never been easier.


With reference to Elliott Wave Theory and what we learned about the golden ratio and the magical Fibonacci levels, in this chapter we will identify important support and resistance levels and use the areas around them to set our exit strategies.


Here we will review the progression of a trend along the side of our various entry strategies that will allow us to take advantage of each movement within this trend, from the moment it starts all the way until it reverses in the opposite direction.


Money management is the art of limiting the risk of a portfolio while maximizing its return. At this stage we will achieve precise understanding on money management and how it is applied. By the end of this phase, you will learn how to control your trades, manage risk, and develop a successful trading psychology.



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